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Tue  07 04 2020
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Wed 08 04 2020
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Thu 09 04 2020
Bar Show
Quirk It! at Slits. 1st Anniversary
Part XVIII | 2020
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Fri  10 04 2020
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Sat  11 04 2020
Part XVII | 2020
Noisewhore FM
Ep.002 with Homeshake
A podcast by Noisewhore 
On this very special episode we bring you Peter Sagar a.k.a Homeshake with talks about his tour around the world, favorite food when touring to NBA Basketball rants, tune in. 
Febuary 2020  |  00:59:24
Temporarily Closed 
Sun 12 04 2020
Sattle at Gentle Tuesday
Part XVI | 2020
Belda (Never Too Disco) at 1-800-Acidline
Part XV | 2020
Are You There? EP004
Heru with Zeke Khaseli
NBA Aficionado/ Daily Cortado Drinker/ Green Card Petitioner
March 2020  |  01:26:00

Tucked away on the second floor of Pelaspas Darmawangsa, Slits is a microbar slash neighborhood watering hole that focuses on tipple cocktails also a community podcast radio with each bar show recorded and archived where patrons can browse through to reenact what they experienced